CEO: AI no match for Experienced Matchmakers

The number of domestic marriages in Korea may have dropped by almost 13,000 compared to last year. But it doesn’t seem to deter matchmaking agencies in Korea. Duo, one of the largest matchmaking companies in South Korea, is actually seeing an increase in membership of about 33% compared to last year, according to its CEO, Park Soo-kyung.

In fact, the number of members who match and would eventually marry has shown a growth rate in double digits.

The French are Leaving Online Dating Sites

According to research done by Monpetitdate, an independent online dating comparison website, the French have begun to leave online dating sites since the beginning of 2021. During the second lockdown in France, around August 2020 and February 2021, the traffic for the ten largest dating websites in France recorded an average decrease of 36%.

What Dating Apps and Algorithms Don’t Tell You – Violet Lim at TEDxNTU

Technology and dating apps in Singapore have successfully brought together countless connections.
However, dating apps are corporations. The technology created is meant to maximize revenues, profits, app usage and keep you online as long as possible. The need of dating apps is ideally to create a large userbase and to keep them there by showing a list of things they MIGHT be interested in.

9 Myths about Dating Agencies, Debunked!

In today’s modern era, where our pace of life is getting faster and more demanding, love sometimes takes a back seat. But we all still desire it: to love and be loved. And more dating agencies are available to bridge the gap between our busy lifestyle and our basic need for love.

However, there are many misconceptions about such dating agencies which prompts comments that we’ve heard before: