9 Myths about Dating Agencies, Debunked!

In today’s modern era, where our pace of life is getting faster and more demanding, love sometimes takes a back seat. But we all still desire it: to love and be loved. And more dating agencies are available to bridge the gap between our busy lifestyle and our basic need for love.


However, there are many misconceptions about such dating agencies which prompts comments that we’ve heard before:


“Don’t waste your time”, “Why are you so desperate?”, “Don’t you have better things to do than to waste money to find love?”

People are always telling us what to do. Sometimes, they have our best interest at heart. Other times, people just want to bring us down simply because they can.


Don’t let other people’s thoughts get the better of you. In this article, we will list and debunk the top 9 most common myths of dating agencies (that you may even believe)!


Myth #1 – They are expensive.


You must be thinking, “Why should I even bother spending a fortune to find myself the guy of my dreams? I could just use an app for that. And it’s free!” Maybe that works for you, but for someone else, this could be a life-saver. And of course dating agencies are not going to be free because they have full-time consultants, office space (usually in business districts), IT infrastructure, utilities, and they all require cost. But you can expect a different level of service and that’s why they are more expensive (as they should.) Wouldn’t you be wary if they are cheap?


Myth #2 – They earn a lot.

Nope, and refer to Myth #1 again. Of course, we are talking about professional dating agencies here. The money earned do not just go into the agency’s pockets so easily, because of all the other costs that are involved in the operations. It’s easy to have this misconception because what you think they do is just ‘matching’ people. But a lot of work goes into matching one couple, from the time taking to meet each parties for profiling, logging in those profiles in the CRM, going through profiles to handpick the best match, calling both parties to inform them, arranging the date, to taking feedback from both sides after the date, and more!


Myth #3 – Anyone can just join the service. They are for desperate people.

This is not true; in fact professional dating agencies are very selective in taking in members because they want to keep a very attractive and high quality pool of singles. This is great because clients can be assured that they are meeting other working professionals too. On top of filtering potential members by their occupation and eligibility, dating agencies can also help you filter out people who may be rude, abusive, not serious about finding a relationship, and those who are not even ready to date. The fact that dating agencies can weed out these people means better matches and better dates for you!


And people calling you desperate? Please! In this era, it’s so common for people to outsource their needs. Would you call people who go to travel agencies desperate? Or those who engage the service of recruitment agencies, are they desperate too? It’s the same with dating agencies. Why not utilize and make use of experts to make your life easier and more convenient?


Myth #4 – There’s no skill needed to match people.


Actually most people think that matchmaking is a very easy job because there are no ‘hard and set’ rules about making a good match. But that is precisely what makes matchmaking an even more difficult skill to master. A lot of intuition and experience plays a huge part in making a good match.


Additionally, there are matchmaking schools and modules that teach aspiring matchmakers the art and science of matchmaking.


Myth #5 – They are sketchy.


This can’t be further from the truth. Dating agencies have strict filtering and verification for all their members. They are real business, with real business footprint, offices and full-time employees.


Myth #6 – They are more superficial.

If you compare it with dating apps, dating agencies are actually less superficial. Reason being is because, you could evaluate factors like body language, sexual chemistry, charisma, and you can’t do these in an online environment. Dating agencies would matchmake you with someone compatible based on holistic matching and not just physical or superficial criteria. Singles would meet only fellow singles who share the same values – with the intention to settle down and ultimately start a family.


Myth #7 – They are slow.

We’d like to think that they are detail-oriented instead. Matching singles on a holistic level is not easy and it takes time. In fact, it’s a good thing they are slower – because unlike dating apps or online dating that gives you immediate matches, dating agencies would take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for first before matching you with someone else. Isn’t this better?


Myth #8 – They are old-fashioned.

a.k.a. lacking style. But, no, not really. In fact, some of these dating agencies have even taken the ‘casual’ approach to their service so that it’ll be less intimidating for singles, such as having the date over lunch, which makes it casual and simple. Many dating agencies also offer various kinds of events to spice things up if you would like to try meeting singles in a bigger group.


Myth #9 – They are not that safe either.

For singles who don’t have the knack for swiping to find matches, dating agencies could actually be that perfect alternative for you. There are those who are afraid that their profile would be seen by a potential employer or colleague, so opting for matchmaking is definitely the safer route! And the best thing is, all your preferences would be carefully examined so you’ll be safe to head out with those that you’re matched with.

Article By: Christina Thung – Lunch Actually

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