How Much Does a Dating Agency Cost?

The Average Dating Agency Cost is Less Than You’d Think

Think about how much time and frustration failed dates have caused.

Having a personalized matchmaker will ease that tension, save you time and make dating a much more enjoyable experience. The fact that you’re clicking this article, means that you’re interested in joining a dating agency. But, you’re not sure about how much it would cost. Continue reading to find out the process of signing up on a dating agency (in this post, we are sharing the Lunch Actually process. Other agencies’ process may differ) and the average dating agency cost for their packages.

1 – First, we will invite every potential client to our office to have a chat with our dating consultant.

During this chat, the dating consultant will find out more about their profile and preferences. This is also a way to screen each potential member face-to-face, and if we do assess that they are not serious about finding a long-term partner, we will not accept them as a member. A trusted and premium dating agency will ensure a high quality database, and this means, potentially turning down unsuitable clients.

The dating consultant is also trained to be able to see if each potential client is ready to embark on this dating journey. Some clients may not be ready due to past dating experiences, emotional baggage, or other factors. They will then recommend the potential clients to date coaches who can help them overcome their personal dating challenges, before offering them a dating package.

When a potential client is ready and if we have suitable candidates for them, we will offer them a membership package. We will also do some ID and background checks for each of the clients.

2 – We handpick matches for you

Once the member joins, they can leave the rest of the work to the dating agency. After conducting background checks and verification, the matchmakers will proceed to find your first match based on what you have shared during the consultation. Not just that, our matchmakers play a big role by taking cue of your personality – and narrowing down your matches.

3 – Wait for our great news – as you go about your day

After a match is found, the matchmakers will contact you to share more details about who they have chosen and they think they are a good match for you! In this step, they will share basic information about each other; good enough for you to have a feel about your match, but yet, leaves you plenty of opportunities to get to know each other during the date!

4 – Show up and have a good time on the first date!

Once the match is approved by both parties, the matchmakers will proceed to arrange the date, book the restaurant and finalize the arrangement. All you need to do is show up at the restaurant and enjoy your date! If you do enjoy each other’s company, this is where you can exchange numbers so that you can continue getting to know each other after the first date.

5 – Your matchmaker will contact you for date feedback

Let your matchmakers know how your date goes, what you like (or dislike) about your match, so they can refine your preferences and fine-tune their future matches!

The matchmakers are also trained to assist you along the way throughout your dating journey if you need to pause your membership (due to travel, other commitments, or if you’re pursuing a relationship with someone). They are also there to give dating advice and a listening ear when you need them. Their objective is to help you achieve success in dating and find a lifelong partner!

Online dating may be convenient, but it can be frustrating at times because you never know whether the other person you’re talking to online is really the person they claim to be. With a trusted dating agency, clients can feel safe and secure because they meet and screen each member in person and verify their identities before they sign them up and send them on dates.

Another key factor in dating agencies is the privacy and confidentiality they guarantee for their members. Other than their dating consultant and their date, nobody needs to know that they have signed up for a dating service.

As the service is very personal from start to finish, dating agency’s packages may range from $1,000 and upwards. The highest VIP package can go up to tens of thousands of dollars as some of these premium packages may allow overseas matching, arrangement of second dates, gifting services and more.

The cost depends on each profile and their preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and there is no fixed price. So if you’re interested in trying out a dating agency, the best way is to arrange a consultation (their first meeting is free and non-obligatory) so that they can advise you on the right package based on your needs and requirements!

Article By: Christina Thung – Lunch Actually

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