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Lunch Actually
Owner(s): Jamie Lee & Violet Lim
Established in 2004 (20 years)
Matchmaking Coaching
$$ to $$$$
Certified by Global Love Institute (formerly known as “Matchmaking Institute”) since 2004 and registered with CASETRUST in Singapore. We are South East Asia top dating agency with the biggest member database and with the strongest brand.

At a Glance

Membership Model
Paying Members to Paying Members
Age Range
22 - 60
Straight Working Professionals and Successful Singles
Singapore Hong Kong Malaysia Jakarta Thailand Taiwan

Matchmaking Process

Is your busy schedule keeping you away from expanding your social circle and meeting new people? That’s where Lunch Actually comes in! Our dedicated and professional team of dating consultants will do all the work - to find the One that you deserve!

1. Meet our experienced Dating Consultant for a friendly chat to learn more about you and your relationship goal
2. We will match you based on your profile and preferences and arrange the date for you
3. Turn up and enjoy your date! Give us feedback afterwards as we get closer to finding The One for you

We also provide Date Coaching services Each single as every single is unique with their own dating and relationship challenges. Our professional coaches will work with each of our clients to create your own tailored science-based Elite Coaching Program to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s to upgrade your dating and communication skills or to maintain intimacy and sparks in your current relationship.



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